We hope you enjoy your stay at the Hebden Bridge Hostel.  Please read the following policies relevant to your stay before making your final booking

Booking & Cancellation Policy
General Direct Bookings 

100% payment required on booking 

14 days+ – Free cancellation up to
14 days before booking

7-13 days – 100% non-refundable 

Booking & Cancellation Policy
Exclusive Hire and Group Bookings

10% non-refundable deposit on booking
50% of balance 6 months before booked date
100% 3 months before booked date 

Cancellation Policy 
3-6 months – 50% non-refundable
0-3 months 100% non-refundable

Group booking of over three are subject to a room rate supplement.
Group bookings of over six are subject to a communal space supplement.


Staying with IOU Hebden Bridge Hostel

IOU Hebden Bridge Hostel provides accommodation for use on a short-term basis; it should not be used for any of the following purposes:

Temporary or permanent residential use

Respite care

Relocation by care providers or social care providers

A place for local authorities to house homeless people

Places for self-isolation

Drop off points for the police or other emergency services

Where a hostel believes a guest is using a hostel for any purpose other than short term holiday or educational accommodation, this should be discussed with the customer making it clear what IOU Hebden Bridge Hostel accommodation is for. If they are using it for any of the above reasons they should be refused entry or excluded from extending their stay. If any guest is affecting the enjoyable use of the Hostel they should be asked to leave regardless of their reason for staying.

Duration of stay 

Guests may stay at IOU Hebden Bridge Hostel for a maximum of 14 consecutive nights

Following any stay of 14 nights guests may not return to any hostel for at least 14 nights 

The Hostel Manager may inform other hostels of any guest whom they believe may be moving from hostel to hostel for the purpose residential accommodation

Guests using hostels for the purpose of residential accommodation may be placed on the stop list/exclusion register

Guests may apply to extend their stay beyond 14 nights; this request should be made prior to the last night of booked accommodation. Agreement must be sought, by the Hostel Manager, and returned in writing (email) by the hostels operations manager to allow a longer stay to take place; this will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.

Where a guest has been refused accommodation, they are not permitted to make a booking via an alternative method. If this is found to be the case the Hostel Manager is within their rights to refuse the guests booking, this includes bookings made by other people on their behalf, and via third party booking agents